The 2010 excavation

In 2010, the group is investigating a site between the historic village centre and the A1 motorway in a field known as Stapleton’s Field. Aerial photographs and geophysical surveys have shown that there is a cluster of Bronze Age monuments occupying the south-east facing slope (overlooking Baldock) and a second group of features less easy to interpret in a hollow on the north-western side of the field. We are intending to excavate a number of trenches in the field, to examine a large monument consisting of concentric ditches and an apparently solid ‘kerb’ between them, a pair of ditches that appear to form a trackway and another group of ditches that appear less well defined.

A Project Design has been prepared for the project and can be downloaded below. You will need Adobe Reader (free download) or similar software to read the file.

PDF icon [1.30 Mb] K J Fitzpatrick-Matthews 2010 Stapleton’s Field Excavation 2010: Project Design.


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