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The site stripped

The stripped site

The site stripped but not yet cleaned, as seen this morning

I made a quick visit to site this morning and it is looking impressive. Almost a third of the henge bank is exposed, with the activity deposits showing up in the centre as organic-rich soils, while the secondary inner ditch can now be seen in plan, at least for part of its circuit. The puzzling outer enclosure ditch has been exposed at the bottom of the slope and we have termini either side of an entrance. There is also a ditch belonging to the ring ditch east of the henge visible in the spur along the north-eastern edge of the trench.

The terminal of the outer enclosure ditch

The terminal of the outer enclosure ditch

There is clearly a lot of cleaning to do (it’s a huge area), but all thanks must go to Keeley Hale and Mick James for supervising what I understand to have been a very difficult topsoil strip. They have done a great job!

The south-western part of the ring ditch

The south-western part of the ring ditch east of the henge


Preparing for the summer dig

Topsoil stripping began on Wednesday 4 July and has continued for the past couple of days. I’ve not been able to observe the stripping, but I’ve heard that interesting things are turning up. There’s a posthole close to the centre of the henge with what appears to be the carbonised remains of the post it once held surviving in situ. The rectangular enclosure has also been located, with a gap in the ditch where the geophysical surveys suggest it ought to be. Things are looking promising for the excavation, which will begin on Wednesday 11 July.

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