Final day of the season: Sunday 19 August 2012

On site: Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews, Caoimhín Ó Coileáin, Arlene Walker, Ashley Tierney, Chris Hobbs, Christl Squires, Emily Bloom, Frances Bourne, Frankie Saxton, Ivor Davies, Jane Williams, Keeley Hale, Liz Hart, Lyall Watson, Martin Jupp, Matt, Nigel Harper-Scott, Rachel Mills, Susan Richmond, Tony Driscoll, Zoë Uí Coileáin

Weather: sunny, dry, occasional wisps of cloud and vapour trail, with dappled cloud developing throughout the morning

I was too busy yesterday to write more than a paragraph, for the blog, which was what I expected. Today, it’s likely to be much the same. We have very little to do to put the site to bed for this year: the ring ditch has been re-cleaned for a final photograph, I’ve taken a few general site photographs and shots of the sondages before they are covered. We have recovered some of last year’s geotextile, which is being laid over the sondages inside the henge, the posthole and the inner ditch. This will give these area additional protection beneath the main layer of geotextile that will be laid across the site later.

For once, there is no last minute panic. Most of the recording is up to date, there are no extra bits of excavation to do and the finds seem to be almost in order. Caoimhín is organising a bit of “section robbing” in the Roman ditch to recover ceramics. All that remains to be done on site is to lay the geotextile and to cover it with soil, while I need to transport the soil samples to the store (my intentions to do this every week have unfortunately come to nothing).

Everything was complete and we were off site around 2.45 pm.

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About Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews

I'm the Archaeology Officer for North Hertfordshire District Council Museum Service. I was born and brought up in Letchworth Garden City, so I have a life-long connection with the area.

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