Church Field Dig – Start of the Second Week

On site: Mick James, William Peters, Stephen Mason, Christl Squires, Sophie Brookes, Sid Rowe, Tony Driscoll, Lisa Waldock

Weather: Overcast, threatening rain (which did not arrive!), brightening later

North side of the ditch

Context 7 was removed by lunchtime, revealing a layer with the same appearance as Context 6 on the other side of the ditch. This seems to answer the question whether the ditch was an extension of the one that was found higher up the field last year or was a roadside ditch. Context 6 extends both sides of it. William and Stephen planned the new Context 6 and started to remove it.

Levelling the north side of the trench© Christl Squires

South side of the ditch

We continued to remove Context 3 which showed a context 6-like surface continuing under it. Lisa dug a sondage in the SE corner of the trench, went through Context 3 and the Context 6-like to find what may be natural about 20 cm below our current level of excavation. Now we know how much we have to achieve before Sunday lunchtime.

Working on the south side of the trench
© Christl Squires


About Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews

I'm the Archaeology Officer for North Hertfordshire District Council Museum Service. I was born and brought up in Letchworth Garden City, so I have a life-long connection with the area.

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